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Breaking News: Commerson becomes Prime Minister

ImageMargaret Commerson, Member for North Bunswold, will be sworn in as the 668th Imaginary Prime Minister in a ceremony at the House of Cords later today.

Mrs. Commerson was declared the winner in a national vote of party members, with Commerson taking 68% compared to opponent Sir Herbert Double-Jamesons' 24%. A further 8% of the votes were 'spoilt' including the one submitted by Double-Jamesons himself.

Speaking at party headquarters, Mrs Commerson thanked "all those who have worked so hard for this victory. I will endeavour to serve everyone in this fine Imaginary country to the best of my ability" before rubbing her hands together and cackling maniacally. Defeated opponent Sir Double-Jamesons was too drunk to speak.

House of Cords CEO, Timmy Mansperson said "We're flattered to be hosting such an event. Its not often that a minor retail store in North Bunswold gets much attention so its great to be in the news. 50% off on all cords this weekend!".

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