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Rare footage of Simerian MiniBear captured

ImageNaturalists on an expedition to the remote northern regions of Simeria have captured a rare glimpse of the famous Simerian MiniBear, a creature only seen in the wild twice previously.

The MiniBear is notoriously shy, hibernates for 8 years at a time and lives in the most inaccessible regions of Simeria, rarely coming into contact with humans. In its rare waking moments, any unexpected noise triggers the MiniBear's natural defensive response (curling up into ball and shrinking to the size of a grain of sand) which makes wild sightings so rare.

Expedition leader Magnus Johanssus described how they managed to capture the MiniBear footage : "We were climbing up a sharp incline when Elga dropped one of those little dangly things that she liked to keep attached to her massive backpack. As she reached down to retrieve it we realised it had landed right next to a MiniBear cavehole - they're clearly recognisable because of the tiny poo stains at the entrance. So I pitched a tent, I was that excited. Later, Elga and I set up the camping equipment so we had somewhere to stay, and we set up our cameras. We had to wait, in silence, for 6 years for the MiniBear to emerge, and the film we captured was worth every minute. It is a shame Elga died before she got to see it."

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