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Breaking News: PM resigns

ImageAt a press conference held this morning in the government's best office, the Imaginary Prime Minister has shocked the world by announcing his immediate resignation.

The surprise announcement comes in the wake of repeated accusations of early 90's fousting, and the recent release of a CCTV video that appeared to show the Prime Minister foustingin a Barlington nightclub.

A government spokesperson said that the standard processes for transition of power will now come into force and they are not expecting any hiccups. Speaking to our reporter off the record, the ruling Concatanive party chairman, Sir Withersby Bolton-Limeson, admitted that the move "came as a bit of a shock to the old boy, but he took it gracefully enough. I think he's happy just to get some time off to go to the Test, and no doubt will be banging about doing dodgy stuff with ladies in Jillhadi by the morning".

A meeting of the government's 1812 back-bench committee will take place later in the week, and it is expected a new prime minister will be in place by the end of the month.

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