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Candidates throw hats into ring

ImageAfter the recent resignation of Prime Minister Cumberson following a series of allegations of inappropriate fuffering behaviour in the early 90s, four candidates from the ruling Concatanive party have, in a surprise development, thrown their hats into a ring.

The four candidates, in alpahabetical order, are:

  • Member for North Bunswold, Margaret Commerson (Fedora)
  • Member for Pidlington, Sir Herbert Double-Jamesons (Bowler)
  • Member for Carmoothen South, Edgar Edgarsonsonson (Bearskin cap)
  • Member for the Isles of Skoot, Barmog and the Outer Hurmerners, James McSpargonson (Pork pie)
The hats (and others contributed by excited onlookers) were collected by a disgruntled member of the House's cleaning staff, muttering to himself about the behaviour of MPs these days, and correctly identifying the actual procedure for submitting their applications for the Prime Minister's position involving the 1812 back-bench committee.

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